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What Is an 80-20 Mortgage

The prices of houses have consistently risen up in the last few years. At the same time, more people are trying to get 100% financing. However, it is quite tough to get 100% financing without the costly PMI. This is where the 80-20 mortgage comes in. This kind of mortgage is a unique financing strategy that is similar to the… Continue reading

Ways to Refinance Investment Property?

Owning an investment property can be a very fulfilling thing for those who are successful in generating steady income through them. Of course, you also have to worry about paying your monthly mortgage payments. The task of refinancing can be quite complicated in terms of investment properties but the fact remains that you can. The only repercussion is that you… Continue reading

Refinance Rental Property – Repercussions to Be Aware of

Is it possible to refinance rental property even if you do not really living in that property? Absolutely. However, even with the low rate of mortgage that we are experiencing nowadays, for some people, trying to refinance a rental property does not seem right and nonsensical for them. Why is it that there are people who frown upon the idea… Continue reading

Does It Make Sense to Refinance?

In the past few years, we have seen mortgage rates dropping lower and lower. Just in 2010, we have seen an all-time low in mortgage rates with rates on fixed rate mortgages have dropped a few points lower. While there is a slight increase every now and then, historically, we are still experiencing the lowest possible rates for mortgage rates.… Continue reading

Finding the Top Mortgage Lenders

For any person who intends to borrow money for a home purchase, it is not enough that you have a good deal or interest. You want to make sure that you deal with the right lender. But more than just lenders, the whole point of the matter is really about sorting through several banks, brokers, and other lending or financial… Continue reading

Are You Fit for an 80-10-10 Mortgage?

A 80-10-10 mortgage is a type of home loan transaction wherein a primary and secondary mortgage are originated simultaneously. The lien on first position has 80% loan to value ratio while the lien on secondary position has the 10% loan t value ratio. This means that the borrower is required to make a down payment worth 10% of the home’s… Continue reading

Texas Mortgage Calculator

We are all aware about mortgage calculators and how beneficial they are for any interested borrower. However while the mortgage options for various states are the same in pretty much all aspects, there are still factors that you have to consider that make the loan a bit less tedious compared to others. The mortgage calculator Texas has been created as… Continue reading

How to Get Approved for a Home Loan

When you visit any website or look at posters of mortgage lending companies, you always see images of people and families smiling like everything’s fine and dandy. But the truth about loans is that it is not charity. You cannot expect lenders to offer loans to any person at all times. Times are hard, and getting a home loan has… Continue reading

Refinance Underwater Mortgage – Options to Consider

A homeowner’s nightmare is getting underwater. No, not flooding, but actually, underwater in a financial sense. Mortgage goes underwater is the balance of your mortgage goes beyond the property value. For these people trying to refinance underwater mortgage is a laughable aspect. They know that with conventional lenders, trying to refinance underwater mortgage is futile. Options for underwater mortgage refinance… Continue reading

Mortgage Prequalification Calculator – Assessing Your Mortgage

It is not bad to hope that you will be able to buy a home after slaving years in the work force, go to that home, pay your dues and have a place that you know will always be there to shelter you from the elements and grow a family, hold events or just do anything. But before you go… Continue reading

How to Qualify for a Home Loan

When it comes to qualifying to a home loan, there is one thing you have to be aware of: banks do not just loan money to anyone. They are businessmen: they do not run charities. They need an assurance of security and they want applicants to prove that borrowers can pay them back on time and that they will pay… Continue reading

How to Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit

There is a really easy way to get a home loan. All you need are three important things: first, you need the best possible credit rating that you can get. Then, you have to make a pretty generous down payment. Finally, your debt to income ratio should be superior from others. However, that is the ideal. In certain cases, only… Continue reading

Mortgage Calculator With Escrow

Before we start using the mortgage calculator with escrow, it is vital that you educate yourself about the mortgage escrow account. The escrow is like a legal arrangement with a neutral third party in which the money or good is deposited till the contract has been completed. In layman’s terms, the escrow service serves as a middleman between the buyer… Continue reading

Subprime Mortgage Lenders – Where You Can Find Them and What Can They Offer?

Subprime mortgage lenders are those companies that offer loans to specific borrowers who do not qualify to loans offered by conventional, mainstream lenders. Some of these mortgage lenders are independent companies but there are others who are affiliates of mainstream lenders that are marketed as a different entity. The subprime mortgage companies are very hard to find nowadays not because… Continue reading

How to Refinance an Upside Down Mortgage

There are numerous factors that can contribute to an upside down mortgage. This is similar to a negative equity, in which the value of the home has dropped considerably and your loan has increased considerably due to the elevated interest rates. For some people, such things are totally unexpected, since everybody is hopeful to generate equity for the home and… Continue reading

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Calculator – Assess Your Loan Options

The ARM mortgage calculator is a unique tool that you can use to determine the possible payments that you have to incur in getting this unique type of mortgage loan. Numerous mortgage products are not the easiest to understand and that is the reason why tools such as the adjustable rate mortgage calculator have been created. They help consumers in… Continue reading

What Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a House?

Having a good credit score is vital for any person. Think about it: before you could even decide for a home, you should already have started investing on improving your credit rating. What credit score do I need to buy a house? It really depends on the lender, but let me tell you: having a great score can beat anything… Continue reading

How to Buy a House With Bad Credit

Getting a home is not impossible even if you hit rock bottom and you had to file for bankruptcy. You have to take your fears aside. Buying a house with bad credit may seem dodgy but it is possible. You just need the right information on how to buy a house with bad credit. One thing you have to be… Continue reading

Mortgage Qualification Calculator

The mortgage qualification calculator is a useful tool for those who are new in mortgage. Most of us do not and will not spend cash for a home since the prices of homes are too big to pay at once, save for the down payment which is a requirement anyway. The mortgage calculator is a unique calculator that will allow… Continue reading

What Is a Soft Credit Check?

Companies such as lending agencies, banks and even apartment managers will request credit reports before proceeding with your application. They want to make sure that in the last few years, you have made consistent payments of your financial obligations. When giving the permission for a company to do a credit check on you, it is important to know that there… Continue reading

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