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How to Find a 100% Free Credit Report

It is that time again: you want to make sure that your credit report is in top form. You have to request fort a credit report but, Alas! You have to share some of your credit card information for verification purposes. If this is your very first time to get a credit report, be guided that it is possible to… Continue reading

Best Way to Check Credit Score

If you are interested about finding out the how to check credit score, you must have tried a whole range of websites that offer you some sort of service about free credit score and information. If you have tried them out in the past, then you would have known that some of them are only marketed to entice since after… Continue reading

Understanding the Credit Score Ranking

America is obsessed with numbers. Case in point: credit scores. They seem to have a magical influence to financing opportunities and overall quality of life of a person, like having a low credit score means you are down in the dumps while a high credit score means you are doing a good job. While we are all enslaved by the… Continue reading

The Maximum Credit Score

All of us would like to get the maximum credit score. Who doesn’t? Having an excellent score means a lot of opportunities, tons of savings and more value to your investments. The credit score may be a bunch of numbers but it means a lot nowadays especially when cost of living is high. The max credit score, however, is not… Continue reading

Average Credit Score by Age – Does It Matter?

When it comes to financial responsibilities, does getting older mean, getting wiser? While each person has his or her own specific strategies in saving money, we cannot fully determine the accuracy of statistical data. However, statistics can be eye openers for any person who might be tightening his or her belt too much or someone whose payment strategies are not… Continue reading

What Does My Credit Score Mean

A lot of people know that their credit histories are being recorded in the form of credit reports. However, a massive population of consumers seems to be oblivious that they have credit scores. This 3 digit number is so important that it could determine your chances of getting a loan for a home, a car or any other things. Why… Continue reading

How to Get a Real Free Credit Report?

Is it possible to find real free credit report? If you try to search the web for credit report, you might be able to find a lot of search results from your preferred search engines. There are vast websites that are marketed to entice people that they do offer credit report. Sadly, you might not be getting a really good… Continue reading

Get Tri Merge Credit Report

We all know what credit report means. For most of us, it is an important tool that can determine the possibilities of getting a good loan or interest rate. However, it is more than that. In fact, a credit report allows us to see how our financial planning and management is doing. If we get a decent rating, then that… Continue reading

Helpful Ways on How to Get Good Credit Score

Know where you are currently standing

One of the ways on how to get good credit score is to check your current credit score. A lot of lenders are using FICO scores created by the Fair Isaac Corporation to check the credit rating of each individual. You can order for a FICO score if you are serious in knowing how… Continue reading

Best Credit Report Site – Top 5

Getting a credit report should not be tedious and tiresome. In certain ways, you have to make sure that you know exactly what your credit report says about your finances and debt management and thus, a lot of people are dead serious about getting a report. It is wise to know what the lending or credit companies use to check… Continue reading

What Is a Perfect Credit Score?

There is more than one formula used in the industry to reach a credit score. Perfect credit score may be a certain number in method A but it may not be on method B. Perfect credit score in FICO standards is 850, but why do we keep on asking? Isn’t it obvious enough that 850 is the summit to reach?… Continue reading

Title Loan Calculator – Discover the Truth Behind the Advertising

A lot of us might have already seen these advertisements once while watching the television: those ads that tell you that they offer cash for your car and there are no credit checks. You can get instant approvals! This is what we call the car title loan and there are so many things that you have to know about this… Continue reading

Car Title Loans in PA

Pennsylvania at the moment has quite a stable economic condition. There is affordable housing, great schools, cost of living that is below national average, and lower business costs. Of course even with the perceived stability of the state, we cannot deny that some people and communities do suffer more than others economically. They might be living by the paycheck and… Continue reading

84 Month Auto Loan – Piercing the Bubble and Facing the Truth

A lot of automakers as well as buyers are taking the plunge in getting extended auto loans like the 84 month car loan. Sadly, not all these people can benefit from the 84 month auto loan or more. In fact, taking the plunge could mean sudden death for their finances. Some major companies figure that if they offer the auto… Continue reading

72 Month Auto Loan – Advantages and Risks

Long or extended financing plans are quite popular nowadays. The reason is that people do not have enough money to pay their loans monthly due to current expenses as well as other things. With the 72 month auto loan, have the capacity to pay a monthly fee of less than $100 each month for a period of 72 months or… Continue reading

Is It Possible to Get Auto Loans After Bankruptcy?

Some people think that getting auto loans after bankruptcy is impossible. However, it is much better to cross the bridge and try your luck before you decide if it is really impossible. In fact, getting car loans is very possible and in certain cases, if you play your cards right, you can get a good loan for the current condition… Continue reading

Texas Auto Loan Calculator

According to some, everything is bigger in Texas. However, when it comes to auto loans, you can be assured that this is something that you can definitely enjoy smaller in the Lone Star State. The auto loan calculator Texas is a helpful tool that you can use so that you know exactly the cost of auto loans in this state.… Continue reading

California Car Payment Calculator

Getting an auto loan is a lot of hard work. You have to plan ahead, make sure that your finances and credit rating is secure and that you are confident about getting the right loan. However, for most of us who might not have the choice to pay a high premium for lowered interest rates, we have to take advantage… Continue reading

What Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a Car?

When shopping for auto loans or when buying a car, most dealers or lenders look at one particular aspect: credit score. I had my own share of experiences with regards to buying cars and let’s face it: getting a good credit score can really help any person get a good deal with auto loans. Some people would ask: “what credit… Continue reading

The Truth About No Credit Check Car Loans

Is it actually possible to get no credit check car loans? There are tons of advertisements out there stating that it is possible to get no check car loans. They seem to be legitimate but is it really a good way to get a car? Before you get enticed by these marketing strategies, it is important to make yourself aware… Continue reading

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