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Taking Advantage of the Mortgage Rates NC

Planning on getting a home in North Carolina can be a big investment. You have to prepare considerably so that you can have a lower cost for the mortgage and that you can get a decent home for the money that you have. As of late, there are less than 4 million housing units available in the state. The vacant… Continue reading

Can I Get a Mortgage? Finding Security Within Your Income Capacity

Can I get a mortgage? The question is introspective. The banks cannot determine that until they review what you have to offer. However, there are some obvious cues that one can utilize to answer the question “can i get a mortgage?” Normally, there are 4 important questions to ask when trying to address the question first would be the down… Continue reading

No Money Down Home Loans – Ideal or Not?

Are no money down home loans ideal for anybody? The idea behind the no money down mortgage is to appeal to the public by presenting them an opportunity to not pay any down payment but still qualify for a mortgage. The idea has been adopted by a lot of people, especially in California a decade ago. Now, a lot of… Continue reading

Balloon Mortgage Calculator

There are different forms of mortgage, but have you heard of the balloon mortgage? If you haven’t let us analyze what it is and how we should calculate for it. We can take advantage of the balloon mortgage calculator to see some good options to make sure that the mortgage is analyzed in the most practical way possible.

As we… Continue reading

Mortgage Pre Approval Calculator – Checking Your Chances to Mortgage

Getting a mortgage can be a very tough but before you could even start looking for homes, it is quintessential to get pre approval from a lender. With the mortgage pre approval calculator you can check your financial strength if you are ready financially to handle a mortgage. The pre approval is a document required by many real estate experts… Continue reading

What Does It Take to Get 100% Financing Home Loans

It seems like with the current market conditions, getting a decent loan for mortgage is not as promising as before, then came the 100% financing home loans. In the last few years, we have seen a staggering number of lenders offering 100% home loans at very competitive rates. This kind of loan was designed for people with good credit but… Continue reading

Understanding the No Down Payment Mortgage

Getting a no down payment mortgage seems to be a dream come true for a lot of people who qualify for them. Imagine: you have the opportunity to own a home without the need of paying any down payment. The entire cost of the home will be financed by the lender. The mortgage is very appealing but do not beware… Continue reading

Mortgage Payment Formula – Why Is Mortgage Always Expensive

Exploring the mathematical side of mortgage payment could be a perfect idea for individuals to actually know what goes on with mortgage and why is it so complicated. Though the idea of paying your debts is not rocket science, it still pays too know the calculations behind the monthly costs that we pay. We only know that we have to… Continue reading

Mortgage Comparison Calculator

The right mortgage can be tough to find. Nowadays, we want the least interest and the lowest monthly payment. However, that is very unlikely. You have to take advantage of the mortgage comparison calculator if you wish to discover the most practical option for mortgage. Each one of us will have a different mortgage option ideal for our needs. It’s… Continue reading

PITI Mortgage Calculator – Calculating Monthly Mortgage

There are so many calculators out there allowing you to check mortgages in a variety of ways. It can be quite confusing to really choose one but with proper knowledge, you will benefit from them at the end of the day. The mortgage calculator PITI is one of those many calculators that you can use to address the mortgage in… Continue reading

No Money Down Mortgage – Available Options

Let us say that you have very little money and your work has very erratic schedules. You do not have the financial strength to pay a decent mortgage. Somehow, there seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel. During the massive meltdown of the economy several years ago, affecting the real estate and lending industries, one might… Continue reading

The Mortgage Early Payoff Calculator

There are some things that cannot be rushed without thinking it through. Perhaps, the desire to get rid of something is due to the fact that we do not want to put up with the stress of paying expensive bills until we reach retirement age. However, the decision to pay mortgage fast should be thoughtfully assessed. As a consumer, you… Continue reading

Mortgage Approval Calculator


When you face the mortgage approval calculator, you have to be prepared by analyzing your annual income. Normally, the calculator will ask for the amount of money you earn before taxes. This is a required information because this will serve as the basis for lenders to see how much they can lend you based on the amount of money… Continue reading

Learn How to Get a Mortgage Safely

Learning how to get a mortgage seems like a tedious task, and it is. Before, getting a home was easier and faster. Now, it would take you months, or even years just to prepare your finances and get a decent mortgage. Learning how to get a home loan is the start for everything. As a future homeowner, knowledge on getting… Continue reading

What Mortgage Can I Afford? A Practical Guide

Begin on what you have on the plate

I want a house in a gated community but your budget tells you off. Look at what you have to offer because what you offer presents the reality of what mortgage can I afford. This is like a reality check. Calculate all the monthly expenses against your income channels. I am single,… Continue reading

Pre-Qualify for Mortgage

When we talk about mortgage, there are many confusions that we often encounter and one of them would have to be between two terms: pre approval and pre qualification. There is always something confusing about these two since at a glance, it seems like they are interchangeable. However, when you pre-qualify for mortgage, that is different from getting pre approval… Continue reading

What Is the Pre Approval Mortgage Process?

When the mortgage boom was still very strong and stable, getting one was extremely easy. It is like choosing furniture for a new house. Those days are gone now, except if you have bottomless pockets and several bank accounts. For most of us, we have to go find the needle in a haystack and go through the eye of that… Continue reading

Understanding Current Mortgage Rates Michigan

Maybe you have decided to move somewhere in Michigan. Definitely you are concerned about the mortgage rates Michigan. You might have even been researching the state for a few months now for possible homes that you can afford. It is very important to know the current Michigan mortgage rates in order to give you a clearer picture of how much… Continue reading

Pay Off Mortgage Early – Options and Warnings

The trends nowadays seem to be focused more on doing things as early as you can. Especially with mortgage, you should pay off home loan early. There so many ways to pay off mortgage early. Some of them tend to be too simplistic and some more complicated than others. We do not discriminate any options so let us look at… Continue reading

Learning How to Refinance a Mortgage

Are the interest rates dropping? Do you feel they will rise? How is your credit rating? Do you feel the need to switch to a different form of mortgage? By answering these questions, you will find out how to refinance a mortgage and how it will actually affect your investments in the long run. Before you even think about mortgage… Continue reading

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